Project Completion

All three phases of the project are complete.  

Spring Colors

The cedum blend in our green roof is in bloom, a tiny yellow flower that makes a shifting lemon patchwork as the different varietals bloom one after the other.    The roof has environmental benefits as well, slowing water runoff and providing cooler summer conditions and additional insulation in heating season.     A concealed sprinkler system keeps everything lush.  (click pictures to expand).

From Raw to Real: Woodwork Details

The building committee liked a highly figured African Limba wood to use for the tall wainscot around the room.  Here is an overview of its journey from start to finish.   The foresight of the building committee and their patience in seeing this through yielded a wonderful result.  

Phase One Finish Work

We are moving to the completion of the addition phase of the work.  The classrooms and and offices will be finished while custom fabrications at the fellowship hall proceed.   The demolition of the existing ground level is about to commence.    

Elevator "Going Up"

The elevator shaft construction is commenced.   Since its foundation is 5'  below the basement, the building must be underpinned, then the new shaft commenced.  Compressors, power and drains located in this area are relocated.    (Click Images for more info)

Green Roof Installation

The green roof is an important part of the design.   The ceiling of the fellowship hall below this sweeps up to wooded views beyond (seen in the third image linked here).  The green roof will have fall color, flowers in the spring in addition to the greenery it provides.  An irrigation system is part of the installation to assure that it thrives.    Design benefits and considerations are included in text in the video below.

Benefits of a green roof:  

  •  Reduce heating and cooling costs
  •  Extend the life of the roof membrane by 2x ‐ 3x 
  •  Provide on‐site storm water management 
  •  Increase rents/decrease turnover in commercial buildings 
  •  Provide Habitat and Reduce Urban Heat Island effects

Interior Finished Framing and Utilities

Ongoing interior framing photos, to be updated soon.  

Building Shell Nears Completion

The exterior building shell is nearing completion.   

Carpentry and Sheathing

The carpentry enclosure of the building is being erected.  The look and feel of the building begins to take shape as the work becomes finer in scale.  

Building Shell

The concrete floors are poured and the exterior building shell is commenced.   

Completion of Steel Framing

The steel frame is complete, subslab utilities are complete, ready for concrete slabs and exterior shell. 

Steel Framing Continues

Steel framing continues as the form of the structure is starting to be clearly seen

Raise the Roof Beam

Erecting of the steel framing is underway.  

(click "HD" at lower left for higher quality video)

Foundation Walls Poured

The concrete walls retaining walls have been reinforced, formed, poured and are being stripped.

Concrete Wall Forms

Hard rain earlier in the week is past and the site is ready for foundation walls.  Wall forms and rebar are being set.   Weather permitting, walls will be poured next week.

Concrete Footings

The footings are poured except where left out to allow placement of structural fill.     Footings don't look "finished"  but they are set with accuracy to coordinate with the structure to follow.   The vertical steel ties the footings to the concrete foundation walls that come next.   

Preparing for Concrete

The footing's and foundation's structural reinforcing is being placed to prepare for concrete pour next week.   (click pictures for details)


Getting the site ready for construction

(Click on the pictures for more detail)